• Devlin Glover

    Hi, my name is Devlin, and I am a current student at Brown University studying electrical engineering with a (self-proclaimed) focus on sustainability. I’m originally from San Diego, California but moved to Lake Wylie, South Carolina, where I have lived for the past 10 years. I love the outdoors and spend much of my free time doing random projects and photographing different wildlife. At Topo Prints, I am currently in charge of all things production; in other words, I’m the guy that makes your prints! I’m super excited to continue improving our production and product lines as we move into the future. I look forward to working with you guys, and feel free to reach out to me at the places listed below!

    Email: devlin_glover@brown.edu 
  • Jamie Gabbay

    Hello I'm Jamie! I'm a Junior studying CompSci at Brown University. I'm in charge of the websites, printer software development, and I help out with making the prints! In my free time I enjoy skateboarding, going on hikes, and in general exploring new places! See the contact below in case you have questions or otherwise!

    Email: jamie_gabbay@brown.edu 
  • Griffin Wells

    Hi I'm Griffin, I'm a Junior at Brown focusing on math!