About Us

Topo Prints was founded in May of 2021 with a simple premise: to be able to 3D print any mountain or natural landscape in the world! We assure the highest quality in each of our prints, finishing each with a sleek, laser-etched wooden base, and a hand-painted snow cap. The simple black and white color scheme is central to the brand and makes each print uniquely recognizable. After receiving a customer’s mountain selection, we use GIS software to generate an STL file from the topographical data. Then, we 3D print the file at a 100-micron layer thickness corresponding to each topographical contour, with a biodegradable, high quality plastic made from plant starch. This printing process takes around 12 hours for 4-inch prints and can take upwards of 48 hours for larger prints. We paint the prints straight off the printers, mount them on a custom base, and they are quickly shipped to you, to sit on your desk or bedside, and remind you of your favorite mountains when you miss them!

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  • Tal Dickman

    Hey guys! I'm Tal, and I'm a current student at Brown studying Materials Engineering! I love the mountains, and love the opportunity Topo Prints gives me to get excited about the mountains from both an artistic and engineering/buisiness perspective. When I graduate, I hope to do research in carbon capture, and eventually start a company that will sequester carbon, and growing Topo Prints from an idea to a multifacted buisiness sucessfully will hopefully give me lots of buisiness experience that I can use for this goal! But most of all, I hope Topo Prints can help more people experience and appreciate our art. Feel free to reach out at any of the links below, I'd be happy to chat or answer any questions!

  • Devlin Glover

    Hi, my name is Devlin, and I am a current student at Brown University studying electrical engineering with a (self-proclaimed) focus on sustainability. I’m originally from San Diego, California but moved to Lake Wylie, South Carolina, where I have lived for the past 10 years. I love the outdoors and spend much of my free time doing random projects and photographing different wildlife. At Topo Prints, I am currently in charge of all things production; in other words, I’m the guy that makes your prints! I’m super excited to continue improving our production and product lines as we move into the future. I look forward to working with you guys, and feel free to reach out to me at the places listed below!